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Since human beings trying to connect with each other, storytelling is the ideal vehicle. Stories are based on dramaturgy, they fire imagination and as part of the audience you can draw your own conclusions. Stories are not dictating, they initiate. What a difference to news or to explanations!

A brand is result from a story. But compare to a product which you can hold with your hands or at least use its benefit, a brand does only exist in our consciousness. The more sustained and diversivied the story of a brand is being told, the more important it becomes for people.

Creating these kind of stories has been my job for more than 25 years.

Some examples became famous. Most of them worked out pretty well and, yes, some did fail actually. But who can be always on the right track in a quarter century? However, a story will never be out of fashion as long as it moves the audience. Eventhough the way of storytelling is changing dramatically. But that’s a different story.

an addictive
That’s what I am on a typical sunday morning on Düsseldorf Rheinwiese. A bit too selfish, a bit too lazy, a bit too loud. (But still in good shape;-) And still dedicated to what I have been doing for more than 20 years now.
This photograph shows our sunday team set-up from July 9th 2006, the day when the World Cup started in Germany. Me (guess where) together with my mates from England, Italy, Austria, Croatia and Tunesia.

an addictive
To make people show their true colors the industry once invented printed coffee bowls. You can have them with your company name on it, with the logo of your football club or with funny cartoon characters. I decided to express my true dedication to the royals.
I’ve got them from England, from Austria, from Belgium, from the Netherlands – even the King of Rock n’Roll is part of my collection. The only country that’s obviously very strict on merchandising their royal family, is Spain. Viva Juan Carlos!

an addictive
You’ll not find any advertising trophy on my toilet. I don’t handle them with irony. They’re just nice. I like them. But that’s it. That’s why you’ll also never find a list with the number of the awards I won in my life. I enjoyed every single one. But only for the very moment I received them. The day after it’s past.

an addictive
When we founded Intercontinental SL as a social network with a different attitude towards trekking and mountain climbing, we only decided to escape once a year from what annoyes, what gives pressure and what let us gain weight. We wanted to be somewhere else for a week or so, just inhaling oxygene and some joints in the night. We wanted to look good, challenge ourselves and to have sophisticated picknick in front of a wonderful landscape.
Piece of cake. So far we went to Swizerland, Italy, Austria, France, Iceland and Marrocco. And there is still way to go.

an addictive
Riding a bike is a nice thing. It’s healthy (also for the people around you). It’s fast (I never stuck in traffic jam). It’s relaxing (most of the ideas I come up with are the result of a bicycle ride). And it keeps your butt in a fantastic shape (no comment on this).

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